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I'm Jason Huang,
the CSO of

I’d love to introduce you something wonderful about REIZ-OPTIC, including why you should choose us, our leadership team, certifications, and factory tour…

Why Choose REIZ-OPTIC?

About REIZ

Shenzhen Reiz Communication Technology Co., Ltd is a professional a full set of HFC and FTTH network products, including cable TV front-end, transmission, terminal products and optical fiber communication transmission equipment. Our products includes various types of intelligent optical transmitters, multifunctional optical receivers and 1.2G optical transmission platforms, optical stations, trunk amplifiers, G/Epon OLT, Xpon ONU, SFP, and FTTH optical node products. Since the establishment of the company, the products have been sold overseas, the company covers an area of more than 8000 square meters.

Our Team

Meet the driving force behind ReiZ Company– a dedicated team of experts committed to excellence. Our collective expertise spans diverse fields, bringing together professionals passionate about innovation, and creativity, and delivering unparalleled solutions. Get to know the faces behind our success, where collaboration, expertise, and a shared vision come together to shape a brighter future for ReiZ Company. Discover the strength of our team – the heart of our success story.

Jason Huang


20 years of experience in the optical fiber network industry. Now leading ReiZ into a golden period of rapid growth.

Before founded ReiZ in 2006, Jason worked as a R&D department in an optical fiber network company for 12 years, where he established adequate knoweledge system about Fiber-optic network equipment and provided an in-depth insight into the market.

Leading the company as well as the R&D department, Jason shows great passion for developing fiber-optic network equipment. He firmly believes in the power of innovation and professional teamwork.

Vicky Zhang

General Manager, Chief Sales Officer

The co-founder of ReiZ, she takes charge of the daily management of the company. Since 2009, as the head of sales department, she has been responsible for supervising global sales and led the sales team to increase efficiency and profits.

As an industry veteran, Vicky manages the team to develop sustainable and scalable income growth. She brings strategic thinking and precious sales framework, which largely facilitate the team collaboration and cooperation. Adhering to the service as the core, ReiZ team is always able to attract new customers and provide them with first-class service in fiber-optic network equipment industry.

Jack Deng

R&D Director

With 18 years of experience in the fiber optic network equipment industry, Jack has led his team to successfully develop innovative technologies that have improved the performance and reliability of fiber optic equipment and promoted the development of the industry.

I am committed to promoting the intelligence and automation of fiber optic equipment, which improves production efficiency and product quality. At the same time, I have actively participated in the formulation and promotion of industry standards and made significant contributions to the development of the industry. His technology has been highly recognized and praised inside and outside the industry and by customers.

Our Service

Response Time

Our sales team are very important to customer inquiries, whether your project needs to be adjusted or product questions, salesman normal in 30 minutes can help you answer the questions, non-working hours usually in about 5 hours to get in touch with you.

Delivery Time

About delivery, we will communicate with PMC order scheduling first, our normal olts sample orders and test orders is about 10 days, bulk orders about 20 days, standard specification Products we have stock, such as special projects need to expedite delivery can also be adjusted flexibly.

A Full Service

We can provide you with OEM ODM program for HFC and FTTH network products, including cable TV front-end, transmission, terminal products and optical fiber communication transmission equipment projects, and we also expect that agents traders and contractors can be the agents of our products.

Our Manufacturing Plants

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